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Sell, buy or rent. An impeccable, turnkey service.

TOP-INVEST is a company affiliated with the Wiesen-Piront Group, which handles the sale, purchase or leasing of your real-estate asset.


1.Do you have a real-estate asset that you wish to sell or lease ?
Top-Invest’s consultants estimate the value of your real-estate asset on
the basis of a realistic market study and over 30 years of experience.

2. How to target a maximum number of buyers or tenants ?
Top-Invest maintains a significant presence in all real-estate media.
Its projects are spread across Luxembourg, which has enabled it to
acquire a considerable portfolio of potential buyers.

3. Are the admnistrative procedures too complicated for you ?
Top-Invest handles the collection of the required documents to be
submitted to the competent authorities (authorisations, subsidy and
bonus applications, bank loans, etc.).

4. Do you need an energy passport?
Top-Invest will offer you one for free if you give it an exclusive mandate.

5. How can you enhance your real-estate property ?
The sales representatives of Top-Invest will suggest various strategies
of sale, advice for home-staging, renovation works, etc.

Top-Invest, the real-estate professional has all the answers to your questions.
It guarantees the value of your investments and provides you with free services to facilitate your experience with the real-estate market.






Enriched with an experience of more than 30 years on the Luxembourg real-estate market, Top-Invest bases its strategy on the excellence of the provided service and on the quality of its real-estate assets. In the context of your real-estate transactions, the company guarantees a high level of responsiveness, consultancy, availability and discretion.

Top-Invest handles the sale, value assessment or leasing of your real-estate property and also purchases objects for promotions and housing schemes; these latter points are addressed in the context of its partnership with Wiesen-Piront S.A, a construction company.

Top Invest also possesses a certain know-how in the procedural domain of real-estate projects (division of housing schemes, promotions, applications, land registry affairs, etc.).

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